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  •  Cabrio Convertible Roof Top Coating creates a superhydrophobic nano-layer, providing exceptional resistance against liquids and oils, thereby safeguarding your car’s roof from stains and damage.
  • The coating allows your roof material to breathe, ensuring that it doesn’t trap heat or moisture, hence preventing issues like mold and mildew growth or cracking.
  • Our formula is silicone-free, meaning it doesn’t leave any greasy residue or unnatural shine, preserving the original look and feel of your convertible’s roof.
  • The durability of our product is up to a full year, reducing the need for frequent reapplications and offering you hassle-free protection for your vehicle’s roof.
  • This water-based coating is VOC-free, making it a safer choice for both you and the environment.
  • The transparent nature of the product ensures it won’t alter the color or appearance of your roof, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your convertible.
  • Application is straightforward and simple. Once your roof is clean and dry, just spray on the surface, wait for it to dry, and protect it from water for the next 4 hours. Remember to shake well before use!
  • With a consumption rate of only 40ml to 100ml per square meter, one bottle goes a long way, making it a cost-effective solution for protecting your convertible’s roof.

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Just follow these straightforward steps

Before you start spraying, give the product a good shake to make sure all its components are well-mixed. Simply spray the Cabrio Convertible Roof Top Coating evenly across the entire roof surface. Make sure to wet the surface uniformly for the best protection.



Gently spread the coating into the surface

We highly recommend to put on a clean glove, then gently spread the sprayed coating across the surface with your hand. This step helps to ensure the coating penetrates the fabric or material of your convertible roof for maximum protection. Finally, keep your car away from water for at least 4 hours after application. This allows the coating to set perfectly and provides the best protection.


Super hydrophobic nano-layer

Created by Cabrio not only repels water but also ensures that other liquids simply bead up and roll off your car’s roof, helping to maintain the roof’s pristine condition and appearance.


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