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  • This bundle offers you comprehensive car protection with three specialized products – Hydro36 Ceramic Coating for up to 36 months of sturdy surface protection, Boost+ Ceramic sprayable coating for an added layer of protection, and Glass Pro for ultimate glass safety and hydrophobic features.
  • Enjoy the assurance of long-lasting protection. Hydro36 Ceramic Coating provides up to 36 months of durability, Boost+ promises 12 months of paint protection, and Glass Pro offers up to 24 months of windshield and window protection.
  • Each product is designed for simple application. Boost+ requires a straightforward spray and polish process, while Glass Pro can be applied with a sprayer or applicator and immediately polished with a microfiber towel. No need for professional assistance!
  • Glass Pro improves visibility during rainy conditions by causing water drops to roll away at speeds of 50km/h or more. Drive safely under any weather conditions with this “invisible wiper” technology.
  • Benefit from our special 15% discount when you purchase the bundle. Protect your car’s paintwork, enhance its look, and ensure safety all at a discounted rate. It’s an investment for your vehicle that will pay off in the long run.
  • Hydro36 Ceramic Coating offers chemical resistance in a range of pH 2-12, protecting your car from potential damage from acidic or alkaline substances.
  • All products are safe to use and have application temperatures ranging from +5°C to +30°C. Detailed usage instructions and safety precautions ensure a safe and effective application process. Enjoy top-tier car protection and eco-conscious application with Ewocar.

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Protection up to 36 months

Hydro 36 coating gives you hard and extremely hydrophobic surface. The product forms layer which protects car body against dust, grime, mud, water, UV, bird droppings. It protects paint surfaces up to 36 months!

Ewocar Hydro36 Ceramic Coating



Sprayable ceramic coating with protection up to 12 months!

Easy application, slick & hydrophobic. Spray directly on the surface and level off immediately using short pile microfiber’s side then turn to a long pile side of microfiber cloth and polish the surface. To achieve lower product consumption we recommend using microfiber or suede applicators.


Don’t forget to protect the glass surfaces!

Glass PRO creates invisible nano-shield for glass and develops resistance to water, mud, snow and ice, insects. While driving at 50km/h and more, water drops roll away – invisible wipers.



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