Neutral Foam Car Wash Shampoo

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  • Produces a thick and long-lasting foam that lifts dirt and grime with ease.
  • Despite its pH-neutral formulation, efficiently removes road grime and other stubborn dirt.
  • Its pH-neutral property ensures safety for any waxes or coatings on your car.
  • Delivers intense cleaning action with minimal usage, ensuring excellent value for money.
  • Can be applied using a foam gun, foam cannon, or a wash bucket.
  • The perfect product for routine cleaning and coating maintenance.
  • Highly efficient with a recommended dilution rate of 1:200 for regular usage, 0.5%-1% for foam gun.
  • Works optimally with Wash Mitt for a gentle yet effective cleaning experience.
  • For exceptionally dirty cars, a prewash with our ALK Prewash product is recommended for best results.

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Highly concentrated, pH-neutral shampoo generates a thick, enduring foam that effectively lifts road grime and other stubborn dirt

Despite its potent cleaning action, it’s gentle on surfaces and safe for any waxes or coatings on your car, making it perfect for daily maintenance and coating preservation. Apply using a foam gun, foam cannon, or wash bucket, and pair with our Wash Mitt for optimal results. For exceptionally dirty cars, we recommend a prewash with our ALK Prewash.



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